1. Glass practicality!

Jars, jars, vases, candies and more – jars perfect for storing small items. They will look really original with brushes, cotton wool, pencils, lipstick or nail polish, and you can place them directly on the shelf or attach to the wall.

2. Your brushes will love it!

Pin the brushes into a container with colored beads, decorative chippings, or pebbles. Brushes stored in this way will not only not touch each other, but will also enliven the interior.

3. Remove the towels!

There is a better way to use a hanger – hang baskets or buckets with lipstick, mascara, brushes here. It will be convenient to keep a comb, hair brush, or dryer next to the mirror.

4. Prepare decorative pots for new life!

Flower pots are ideal for storing small items in the bathroom and provide coziness to the interior.

5. Upgrade your room wall with a magnetic board for powders and blushes.

Cover the metal board with a thin cloth of your favorite pattern, and attach small magnets to the cosmetic boxes. The result is great and you will find everything you need.

6. Cosmetic container from a shoe rack.

An inexpensive plastic shoe rack will quickly solve the problem of lack of space for cosmetics at home. You can hang it on the door of the room, and there will be more than enough space for beauticians here.

7. Sushi mat differently!

Have you ever thought that a sushi mat and elastic band can make a great brush case? It’s really possible and completely simple! The product is perfect for everyday use at home or when traveling.

8. Original table with glass top.

We have no doubt that you will be able to do something similar! You will need: a kitchen table, a glass sheet and various boxes for storing cosmetics. This new furniture will not only help you store your cosmetics, but will also remind you how important it is to have your own feminine corner at home.

9. The candy vase can be used for other purposes!

Conveniently storing cosmetics, which should always be at hand, in a candy vase and placing them anywhere in the house will make it look really exceptional.

10. Pay special attention to everyday make-up!

Keep them in a convenient and easily accessible place on a beautiful tray. For diversification, you can paste the tray with decorative paper. When you have such beauty next to the bed you will definitely not forget to clean up your makeup or pamper yourself with face cream.

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